Valuation and Design Consultation

Partnering with Bailey Hall at LMHall Design, you get both professional market analysis as well as design experise... in one. It's a full circle, no-pressure, market analysis. Know what your home is worth in it's current condition, and the full potential value of your home based on design recommendations.

Regardless of whether you decide to make changes to your home or sell it as it is, we will have an accurate price point.

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Paperwork, Pictures, & Final Preparation

Paperwork is handled seemlessly; we can sit down and wet-sign vintage-style, or everything can be done online.

Prior to listing your home, we are sure to have all pictures uploaded and all information for your home entered accurately. Buyers will be sure to see the beauty of your home and understand exactly what they need to know to make a decision.

Also prior to listing, the home will be ready to show. Staging will done (if necessary) All exterior and interior signage will be done with care and class to make potential buyers feel welcome. 


Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Not only will your home be listed on the MLS, it will be distributed through IDX search engine websites to which the MLS distrubutes. (i.e. Zillow,,, Trulia, etc.)

We also pride ourselves on our social media marketing strategies. We've created several necessary audiences to target likely buyers for your home. Implementing our social media strategies and posting your home's listing accross the most popular social media avenues will bring your home the most exposure, therefore appealing to the most buyers possible. 

Pre-Listing activities, broker opens, and open houses can all be done as well. We bring a refreshing touch of social media into what can be considered old-fashioned practices. 


Professional Negotiation and Guidance

Priding ourselves for thinking outside the box, we will give personalized guidance based on your specific goals and situations to get you not only the best price for your home, but the most conducive terms as well. 

Once under contract, we are able to guide with the extended negotiation of inspection items and repairs. Using our established relationships with licensed professionals, the entire process prior to closing will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. 



Successful Sale

Getting to the end isn't difficult when you have the right team in place. With skilled designers, market analysis, attorneys, licensed professionals, and lenders (for your purchase), we will help you maneuver from start to finish in a successful home-sale. 


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